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Looking for a fencing contractor in the Conroe/North Houston area? Then look no further than trusting us.

Building has been a part of our family since before my childhood. My father took me to house renovations he would build. Eventually I discovered my knack for building decks, flooring, and fences.

I am a perfectionist at heart, and it shows in the hearts of my work and the work of everyone I hire. I take great pride in adding experienced builders to our team, becuase at the end of the day, it’s our greatest investments (your home and my business).

If you only want to trust the best, then call Woodlands Fencing or fill out on of the forms on our site.

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How Does This Work

The first step is calling us to schedule a free estimate. We’ll come to you to discuss your fencing needs. Me (Randy) or one of our specialists will go over material options, color options, show samples of our works, survey the land, and show any necessary licenses, insurance, and bonds so you know we’re the real deal.

Not sure which style of fencing you want yet?

The new fences we can install are:

  • Chain Link Fence
  • Vinyl Fence
  • Wood Fence
  • Privacy Fence
  • Swing Gates

Once we’ve agreed on the details, we’ll follow up with a price based on our findings and the specific needs we discussed. 

Once we’ve agreed on the project spec, the next step is to begin the installation. It takes top-notch quality to build a quality fence which is why we hire only the best contractors.

Our fencing installation team takes pride in making the process as streamlined as possible. However, each fence build varies in time based on the materials you choose and the size of the project. Regardless, we aim to work as quickly as possible without skipping any steps or cutting corners. 

Our Services

Chain Link Fencing

A chain-link fence is excellent if you want to create an open look that is secure and sturdy. They are traditionally installed around sports fields to allow spectators to view the sports while still providing an enclosure but are also popular for yards and businesses. You can see in while still taking advantage of some security.

If you want to add some privacy to your residence or business, we can also install a chain link fence with plastic strips that close off the fence and add more privacy without being obtrusive.

Chain link fences are solid and secure, last for a long time, and require minimal maintenance. They are amazing, cost-effective fences that can give an openness that many other fences cannot.

Vinyl Fencing

If you are looking for a fence that will last, then a vinyl fence could be for you. Once installed, they are one of the longest-lasting fences on the market. With advances in technology, there are also many different styles and colors to choose from, including those that mimic wood.

With a vinyl fence, there is minimal upkeep needed. The vinyl will not rot like wood will, and it will also keep its color when in extreme weather conditions. Vinyl fences are also amongst the easiest to clean, and you can spray them down to remove the dirt and grime.

Most vinyl fences are somewhat custom made, so they will cost a little more wood fences, but there are multiple benefits to them. They make wonderful fences that will add beauty to your residence, business, or commercial property.

Wood Fencing

A wood fence is the most popular type of fence that we install. They create a wonderful natural look to your yard or business, and they are highly customizable.

The great thing about a wood fence is that you can match the material of the fence to the structures and trees in your yard, creating synergy, and you can paint the fence over and over. If you change the color scheme within your yard, you can do the same with your fence, matching it to your home or creating a contrast.

The customization options are also endless. With a wood fence, there are limitless designs, and we can cut the wood to fit your yard. It does not matter what height you need, we can accommodate that. We can also work around any obstacles, such as tree branches and other structures.

There is a reason why wood fences are so popular.

Fence Repair

Fences do not last forever, but repair is usually cheaper than replacement. We have the knowledge and experience to come in and repair any fence, no matter the size, shape, or material. We have years of fence installation experience, and that gives us the necessary tools to fix any fence that is broken.

You may also have hired a fence contractor who did not do a great job. If you need to have a fence looked at and made beautiful, we can do that too. We know that things do not always go to plan, and we are here to help.


What is a fence without a gate?

With most fences, you need a way through. A front fence needs an entrance gate, and fences around your yard, and business, can always benefit from extra entrances and exits. It does not matter if you need a single entry gate or a large double gate, big enough to allow for a vehicle to pass through, we have the expertise to build them all.

We can create functional gates or we can include an entire enclosure as a focal point. Give us a call today to talk through your options.

Privacy Fencing

When you need a little privacy, a privacy fence is exactly what you should have installed. They come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, and are installed to demarcate your area from everyone else’s.

When you install a privacy fence around your yard or business, the benefits are two-fold. You are stopping people from looking in, and you are stopping people from looking out. If you live or work in a high-traffic area, you do not want people constantly looking into your area, especially if you are relaxing.

The same goes if you live in an area where the outer landscape is ugly or there is a lot of noise (perhaps you live on a busy street). A privacy fence will create a beautiful surround to your yard or business and cut down on the noise pollution that comes from the surrounding area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An average fence can cost anywhere from $10-$25 per foot, but much of that depends on the material used and the type of installation. It is hard to give an exact quote without talking about the job first.

For a more accurate estimation of price, give us a call with some more details and we can talk through a more accurate quote.

A general installation will take a couple of days, depending on the size of the job.

A simple fence or gate installation can be done in a day, while concrete pouring will need an extra day for the concrete to dry and cure. For larger jobs, it can be three of four days. Rest assured that we strive to be out of your way as quickly as possible without the work suffering.

Different fences will require different maintenance. Over time a fence will wear, and you will need to do some work (or call us to do it).

Metal and vinyl fences will require less maintenance, while wooden fences will need to be repainted after a number of years. By keeping your fence clean, you can extend the life of the fence, and dealing with small problems will stop large problems from developing.

If a fence gets to a point where you need to call someone to repair it, it generally costs a few hundred dollars. This can range from $200 for simple work, up to close to $1,000 for a fence that needs a lot done.

The key to keeping costs down is to take care of your fence and call us to repair and do small fixes before they become 

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