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There are many reasons to build a fence, and privacy is an important one. It is a concept that can go along with any other fence. It does not matter if you are building a fence to keep a dog in your yard, or to create a secure area for your employees at your business, a privacy fence can enhance the fence that you are building.

Privacy fences need not be ugly either. We have years of experience in building and installing fences, and we can guide you through the process from concept designs to finishing the material. No matter what you need, we have the skills to make your dream into a reality.

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Benefits Of Privacy Fencing

  • Privacy: A privacy fence is all about privacy, and that is exactly what you get. Whether you want privacy from your neighbors, strangers on the street, or to block out other buildings, we can create a fence large enough to give you the privacy that you need to relax in your own home.
  • Protection: A privacy fence also brings you protection. Someone is less likely to try and steal something or enter your property if they cannot see what they are up against. The act of climbing a large fence also puts people off, and no one wants to have to climb back over with their stolen goods.
  • Kid Protection: If you have children, then a privacy fence offers an extra level of protection. Not only does it stop your children from wandering from your yard, but it also stops strangers from seeing your kids, and even talking to them. With no interactions, there is less chance that your child is going to wander off with anyone.
  • Noise Reduction: Privacy fences also provide a noise barrier. If you live on a busy street, even if it is only from foot traffic, or if there is construction or other noise in your area, then a privacy fence will reduce that noise and help you to relax.
  • Protection from Weather: A privacy fence is an excellent buffer from the wind and rain, and will provide more comfort when you are sitting outside.

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At Woodlands Fencing, our goal is to install & repair fences to the best of quality for homes and businesses in the The Woodlands, TX area. We use the highest quality wood, vinyl, chain link, and wrought iron materials.

Reasons why you should choose us:

1. With decades of experience, we’ve seen it all when it comes to fence installation and repair.
2. Unlike many contractors, we actually answer the phone and always act professional.
3. We’re not done until you’re satisfied with our work and you have a smile on your face.

Types Of Privacy Fencing

Chain Link Privacy Fencing

Chain link fence might not initially seem like the best choice for privacy fencing, but there are materials that can be added to the fence to create privacy. By weaving strips through the chain link, the fence is strong, durable, and adds privacy to your yard while providing an open look.

Vinyl Privacy Fencing

Vinyl privacy fencing benefits from the fact that it holds its shape very well. That means that there are almost no holes or gaps, and you can create a fence that is one continuous sheet of vinyl. As far as privacy fences go, this may be one of the most private.

Wood Privacy Fencing

Wood has always been used for fences and privacy fences are no different. The benefit of a wood fence is that you can customize it easily, making it a great choice for closing off parts of your yard or business.

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We build a lot of privacy fences for residential properties. When you are relaxing in your yard, you often want time for yourself, no matter how much you like your neighbors. A privacy fence does that in an unobtrusive way.


When you are doing business, you do not want everyone looking in, no matter what your line of work may be. With a privacy fence, you can increase the beauty of your building while protecting your employees and business interest from passing gazes.

We Do Privacy Fence Installation In The Following Areas

We do privacy fence installation in The Woodlands, Spring, Conroe, Tomball, and the rest of the North Houston Metro Area

If you would like to inquire if we service your area, please call (281) 426-0644

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